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Coated battery separator

Super high heat resistance

High temperature resistance up to 150- 200°C

Good thermal stability

Low thermal shrinkage effectively reduces thermal runaway

Strong fluid absorption and retention

Improved wettability

Good puncture resistance

Anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistant

Product description

The coated battery separator is based on the traditional polyolefin separator. The thermal stability of the separator is improved by coating high-purity nano-alumina or boehmite and other materials on one or both sides, with better high-temperature resistance and better liquid absorption and retention performance. It is mainly used in power battery and multiplier battery, which can greatly improve the safety and stability of lithium-ion battery.



Coated battery separator

Designed for safety and high temperature resistance

Ultra-high heat resistance

It can withstand high temperature and super durability, and greatly improve the safety of high energy density batteries. The nanofiber membrane can withstand 180 ° C, and the solvent-based aramid membrane can withstand 200 ° C.

Strong thermal stability and low thermal shrinkage

Good thermal stability, low thermal shrinkage, minimize the occurrence of thermal runaway.

High liquid absorption rate and liquid retention rate

High electrolyte retention can improve the permeability of membrane.

Good puncture resistance

It has better anti-oxidation, acid-base resistance and puncture resistance.

High adhesion

It can improve the bonding performance between the positive and negative poles of the diaphragm and the core, and reduce the deformation of the core.

High strength and excellent ventilation

Uniform pores, high tensile strength and excellent permeability.


It has a wide range of coating and coating products with excellent performance, including ceramic coating separator (alumina, boehmite, nanofiber, magnesium hydroxide), polymer coating separator (PVDF, aramid), multilayer functional mixed coating separator (ceramic+PVDF, ceramic+aramid, etc.).

Support diversified customization

The product thickness can be within 5 μ M to 30 μ Flexible adjustment (including base film thickness) can be made according to customer and market demand.

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