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Nano modified carbon coated aluminum foil

Ultra-thin coating process

Thickness only 0.3μm

High stability

NMP resistant

Good liquid clearing properties

Infiltration tension >56 dyne

High coating adhesion

Dust-free cloth wipe 200 times without showing foil

Product description

Carbon-coated aluminum foil is a material used for positive current collection of lithium ion batteries after adding a carbon coating on the surface of aluminum foil. The carbon material powder such as nano-conductive graphite is mixed with the fixed film-forming agent, solvent and auxiliary agent to form a slurry, which is coated on the surface of aluminum foil, and a dense carbon coating layer is formed after drying.

The carbon-coated aluminum foil can provide excellent static conductivity and collect the micro-current of the active material, which can greatly reduce the contact resistance between the cathode material and the current collector, and improve the adhesion between the two, so as to significantly improve the overall performance of the battery. At present, it is mainly used in lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary battery, which can improve the energy density of battery, inhibit the polarization of battery, reduce the internal resistance of battery, and increase the cycle life of battery.



Nano modified carbon coated aluminum foil

Ultra-thin coating process designed for performance

Ultra-thin coating process

With ultra-thin coating process, it can achieve a thickness of only 0.3 under the premise of ensuring the high performance level of the coating μ m. The coating thickness can be flexibly adjusted between 0.3 µ m and 2 µ m.

High-thermal conductivity

The nano carbon material is uniformly coated, which conducts heat by high thermal conductivity, converts heat energy into infrared radio frequency, and thus achieves heat transfer and heat dissipation efficiency.

Strong stability

It has extremely high chemical stability, NMP resistance, and strong thermal stability, thus ensuring the safety performance of the battery.

Better night clearing

The collector is protected from corrosion by the electrolyte, and the wetting tension is more than 56 dynes.

High adhesion of coating

The coating has high adhesion, can improve the energy density, and can ensure that the dust-free cloth can wipe 200 times without exposing the foil.

Good barrier performance

The uniform coating can effectively prevent the fluid collector from being corroded and oxidized, and prolong the service life of the battery.

Quality assurance

Formulate effective vertical integration strategy, have effective quality control system, monitor and ensure each production step.

Support diversified customization

The coating method can be continuous/intermittent, single-sided/double-sided, and can be customized according to customer and market needs.

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