Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: In 2022, the total output value of lithium battery industry in China will exceed trillion yuan, the first time in history

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On February 23, 2023, the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China issued the Operation of the National Lithium Ion Battery Industry in 2022.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the national lithium ion battery output will reach 750GWh in 2022, with a year-on-year increase of more than 130%. The total industrial output value will exceed 1.2 trillion yuan, about twice the total industrial output value of 600 billion yuan in the previous year.



The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that in 2022, China's lithium-ion battery industry will adhere to supply-side structural reform, accelerate technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, continuously improve the supply capacity of advanced products, and maintain a rapid growth trend. The industry generally presents the following characteristics:

First, the output continues to grow rapidly and the industrial scale continues to expand. According to the industry specification announcement, enterprise information and research institute estimates, the national lithium ion battery output will reach 750GWh in 2022, with a year-on-year increase of more than 130%, among which the output of energy storage lithium battery will exceed 100GWh; The output of lithium first-order materials such as cathode materials, cathode materials, diaphragms and electrolytes was about 1.85 million tons, 1.4 million tons, 13 billion square meters and 850000 tons respectively, with a year-on-year increase of more than 60%; The industrial scale was further expanded, and the total industrial output value exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan.

The second is to accelerate the expansion of industrial applications and accelerate the process of dual carbon. In 2022, lithium battery will accelerate its rise and usher in a growth window in the field of new energy vehicles, as well as in the field of solar energy storage, communication energy storage, household energy storage and other energy storage fields. In 2022, the installed capacity of power battery for new energy vehicles nationwide will be about 295GWh, and the cumulative installed growth rate of lithium battery for energy storage will exceed 130%. In 2022, China's lithium battery exports totaled 342.65 billion yuan, up 86.7% year on year, making positive contributions to the efficient development and utilization of new energy and the green and low-carbon transformation of the global economy and society.

Third, the pace of technological progress has been accelerated, and advanced products have emerged in an endless stream. Backbone enterprises have accelerated their layout in the direction of efficient system integration and ultra-large capacity battery cells, and the system energy density of advanced battery products has exceeded 250GWh/kg; New battery products with flexibility, low temperature resistance and water resistance have been successfully applied in the Winter Olympic equipment; The new generation of information technology and new energy storage products are further integrated. Intelligent liquid cooling technology and other technologies significantly enhance the thermal management level of the energy storage system and reduce the system security risks.

Fourth, the enthusiasm for investment in the industry is high, and the whole chain strengthens collaborative cooperation. According to incomplete statistics, in 2022, there are only more than 40 planned projects in the core link, with a planned total capacity of more than 1.2TWh and a planned investment of 430 billion yuan. The price of upstream products fluctuated, and the price of lithium secondary materials repeatedly rose and fell. The average price of battery grade lithium carbonate and battery grade lithium hydroxide (micro powder grade) in 2022 reached 481000 yuan/ton and 464000 yuan/ton respectively. Lithium battery enterprises strengthen the upstream and downstream cooperation of the industrial chain through investment, equity participation, long order signing, joint research and other forms.

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the White Paper on the Development of China's Lithium Ion Battery Industry (2023) released by the domestic research institute EVTank, it can be seen that China's lithium ion battery industry will still play a leading role in the world in 2022.

According to the data of the white paper, in 2022, the global total shipments of lithium ion batteries will be 957.7GWh, up 70.3% year on year. China's lithium ion battery shipments reached 660.8GWh, an increase of 97.7% year on year, exceeding the global average growth rate, and accounting for 69.0% of the global total lithium ion battery shipments.

In addition, it is worth noting that with regard to the issue of the price of lithium battery raw materials last mentioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology fluctuating at the high level last year, a week ago, Ouyang Minggao, the vice chairman of the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Association, predicted that the price of lithium resources would return further in the second half of this year, which might fall to 350000 to 400000 yuan/ton. At the same time, the supply and demand of lithium resources will reach a balance this year, and there will be a surplus next year. The future price balance point will be around 200000 yuan/ton.

At the same time, Ouyang Minggao stressed that the price of lithium resources should not be too low, which will lead to unprofitable lithium resource recovery and is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.


Surging journalist Senning

2023-02-23 19:14

Source: surging news

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